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This is the group for the Anthro Community RP. The primary chat is located in #IamAnthro, the RP chat is #OfficialAnthroRP, and the "Out of Character" (OoC) room is #IamOOC.

This is where character biographies, setting information, and other such things will be collected, maintained, and organized.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT SEXUALIZED CONTENT! As per deviantART rules, sexual roleplay is not allowed on deviantART, and we do not allow our room to be used in any way that deviantART doesn't allow :)
Founded 7 Years ago
Mar 17, 2011


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294 Members
295 Watchers
27,854 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews and all!

We hope you all had a wonderful year, and that this next one will be even better! Though we have no celebrations planned, check in during the month of January to help us kick off the new year, and feel free to send us a note if you have an RP plot you'd like to run.

Hope you all have a happy new year.

Attention OARPers! We will be holding a dual event in celebration of Halloween this year.

First, Halloween night there will be a casual RP held in OARP. You know, a consolation prize for all of use who didn't get to go trick-or-treating. Feel free to stop in for as long as you want. The event should run from six to ten EST, internet providing.

Second! We want to gather as many great Halloween pictures as possible! These can be anything from pictures of the pumpkin you carved, the costume you wish you had, or even just something simple you drew yourself. We will accept submissions until this Sunday, at which point we'll sort through them all and feature some of the very best in a journal here (provided we get permission from the artist).

Hope you all have a great Halloween!


P.S. Anyone who's wondering why we only posted this journal now, the night before Halloween, can blame me. ;P

The Central Repository of Anthro-RP Character Sheets

All approved character reference sheets will be linked here, listed in alphabetical by username for easy navigation.



Yuji Haze

Al Bechstein

Nerys Windborn
Dæmon Tueur
Joy T'zure

Phil Waltowski

Prince-General Alexei Dmitri Kristoffer Alan Grentskov (Alex)


Troy Gurido Roux

"Forgotten" D.


Ice Ray Jenson


13 Bones

Salem "The Winged" Heali


Kirona Dra'Konysen


Lord Xarien




John Anluan

Ruikaen Ikari
James Kenseph McGurry III (Jaseph)

Drakius Corsuk


Ramon Winfield


Jango Zetsume

Some notes before you begin

You're always welcome to add more information, but this is a 'minimum' of sorts for Anthro-RP.  You don't have to include everything - a character can have secrets, and putting them into the character sheet would make that a bit pointless ;p  At minimum, you should include everything that someone would notice about your character when they first meet, and any information you could be expected to learn from talking to them for a little while.

Before you start, keep this in mind - the 'world' that this group is set in is an alternate dimension, of sorts.  Your character can't "go home" and pick up more stuff, and they shouldn't have a bunch of stuff that they wouldn't reasonably have had on them while they were out and about.  Because of this, please don't have characters with a massive wardrobe, or a room full of guns, or things like that - it wouldn't have been brought along when your character was pulled into this world :P

As a room sponsored by AnthroCommunity, we also have to ask that you not submit characters who are too sexualized, and to refrain from submitting characters intended for sexual roleplay (which isn't allowed on dA at all).

Those are the only real restrictions, though.  Other than that, you can have magic, or high-tech stuff, or be from medieval times, or be from an entirely alien dimension!  It's all up to you :meow:

If your character is a shapeshifter, you should include a separate section for each form your character can take, listing their "normal" form in the main section.  If they can take almost any shape, rather than just a few pre-defined sets, just mention this somewhere (species, maybe?)

Submission process

Once you've filled out the character template, below, post it in your deviantART account, either as a literature deviation, or in the description underneath a picture of your character.  If you posted it as a literature deviation, please include a link to a picture of your character (if you have one).  While posting it, you have the option to submit it to any groups, so at that point just be sure to submit it to Anthro-RP and you should be fine :)

If you didn't submit it to Anthro-RP when you submitted it originally, you can also go to the deviation page and submit it to the group from there, on the tool panel to the right :)

Once the reference sheet is approved, your character's reference sheet will be in our gallery, and one of our mods or group admins will add it into the master character list :D

Character template

• Name:  [If you don’t know what this is, you shouldn’t be making a character sheet.]
• Species:  [Try to be as specific as possible.  In the case of hybrids, be sure to include anything that has any influence on the character's appearance.]
• Gender:  [Pretty self-explanatory.]
• Age:  [Doesn't have to be exact, but it's good to at least have an idea how old your character is :))
• Body Type:  [Quadruped, humanoid, or anything else like that.]
• Appearance:  [Start with height/length/size and build, and include things like extra limbs - wings, tails, or anything like that.  Don't forget about hair/skin/fur/scale color, and other things like that :)]
• Distinguishing Marks:  [Scars, birthmarks, lost limbs, and generally anything that stand out from the rest of your character.]
• Clothing/Accessories/Equipment:  [What does the character generally wear?  Any jewelry, or backpacks, or other things that the character always has?  Include any weapons that the character always carries (unless they're hidden ;)).]
• Demeanor:  [How does your character move and act in general?  Are they confident, or are they nervous?  Aggressive, defensive, or maybe they just seem tired or uncaring?]
• Manner of Speech:  [How does your character talk? Accent? Is there a gruffness or a squeak that you cannot represent well just by typing?]
• Quirks:  [Does your character do anything unusual? Little things that they always tend to do, and which would be noticeable to someone from just a casual conversation?]
• Brief History:  [Just a little information about yourself; whatever you might tell someone upon first meeting them if you struck up a conversation.]

(optional, for shapeshifters.  Repeat as needed, and add any of the above categories if they change as well when your character shifts between forms.)
Alternate Forms
• Body type:
• Appearance:
• Distinguishing Marks:


The admins and GMs of Anthro-RP have discussed a new method for keeping track of character reference sheets and biographies, which should make it easier to navigate through submitted characters, and find the character sheets of specific people :)

We've also talked about new character sheet templates and requirements, which should also be rolled out fairly soon, along with a new promotion system for the group's chatroom ( #OfficialAnthroRP, if you've forgotten - or not visited ;p ).  Due to this, we are temporarily not accepting any character sheets.

For those of you who haven't come into the room, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Anthro-RP is primarily built around a chatroom environment, located right here, so please, come on in :D

The chatroom's actual setting and stuff is still a work in progress, but we're working on it!

 Visit the chatroom! :D
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